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Add Regulatory Compliance to your mobile comms…

Mobile usage presents unique challenges to employers. The number of mobile professionals continues to grow, and even desk-bound Users frequently reach more readily for their mobile rather than their traditional desktop phone to make a call. But mobile phones typically integrate poorly with existing enterprise communications solutions and present major Regulatory issues for those in the Financial and Trading industries.

As part of the “UC anywhere” any approach — Any service, over any network, on any device — the “UC anywhere” Fixed Mobile Convergence solution enables SMEs and Enterprises to empower their staff with a true Unified Communications solution that has full mobile integration no matter where they are.

The mobile essentially becomes an extension off a fully featured Cloud based Unified Communications system. With the exact same inbound call routing rules as might be applied to their Office DDI number.

Inbound and outbound Mobile call recordings are saved on the same secure Cloud storage as the Office calls, and they are accessed by authorised staff via the same secure portal.

Cloud Hosted UC and Telephony

The same Cloud Hosted UC and Telephony platform that facilitates the Fixed Mobile Converged solution is also a fully featured Unified Communications system that empowers all of your Users to be able to communicate whichever way suits them best.

Users can use the system like a traditional phone system and just have a desktop phone. Choosing from basic handsets to ones with large colour touch screens. Or if they prefer, it is possible to connect a headset to phones with a headset port. However, the myIstra browser or installed softphone application adds the ability to fully control calls made to and from an IP phone, creating a powerful personal productivity enhancement.

When used in “Standalone” mode, the myIstra softphone application in combination with a USB headset converts the User’s PC into a multifunction IP phone. It allows them to make, receive and manage communications with a single click from their computer. 

As you might expect from a modern system the UC anywhere platform has an Auto Attendant built-in. It is a powerful tool that enables a caller to be automatically transferred to a specific phone extension or group without the intervention of a receptionist. The Auto Attendant service eliminates busy signals, reduces caller on-hold-time, improving your professional image and customer satisfaction.

Video and Audio conferencing, and screen sharing are available as part of the Collaboration feature. And when received, voice mails can be sent by email as well as being available as visual voice mail via the myIstra softphone.

If you have a call centre, then the built in ACD (automatic call distribution) system will enable your business to keep all its communication requirements on one system. The list of standard telephony and cutting edge Unified Communications features means that the UC anywhere platform provides everything a modern SMB to Enterprise sized business needs.