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Goliath Studio – Professionally recorded welcome messages, menu prompts and on-hold marketing.

Your phone system is a key customer interface, but does it create a good impression?

A great caller experience starts with professionally recorded welcome messages, menus, and music on hold, especially as callers to SMEs spend about 20% of the call time listening to them Goliath Studio makes your phone system sounds as good as it works.

Goliath Studio provides so much more than just recordings! It includes all you need to turn ‘Music on Hold’ into a powerful ‘On-hold Marketing’ solution that will upsell your products and services and re-enforce brand values to your callers:

Goliath Studio Explanation

· 10,000+ inspirational marketing messages to simply use
· 50 languages and dialects
· 300+ voice artists
· Telephone quality text to speech characters to record your messages instantly
· 350+ music track library, regularly updated, to keep the caller experience fresh
· 1 simple web portal to order bespoke recordings
· Simple and affordable subscription plans
· Typically 70% lower cost than other providers!

Contact us today to add Goliath Studio’s On hold to your service.

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