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From CRM integration to custom applications…

The Support and Engineering team at GTS have a wide range of experience with deploying and developing custom SwyxWare and myContactCenter solutions.

In addition to standard installation services, the team specialises in the creation of custom integrations. Past projects have included creating dial in work flows that interact with workforce planning system, where IVR options and call routing varies based on database look-up returned data.

The SwyxWare Extended Call Routing (ECR) scripting environment is a very powerful feature which is often under utilised. We have used it to created customer dial in self-service solutions that hugely reduced the work load of the Customer Services Department. Integrating with an order processing platform the customer can directly find when their delivery is due and change the date if it is not convenient.

Our development experts have created custom middleware that transits data between disparate systems allowing it to be used for call routing and information presentation.

Custom Windows desktop or Browser based applications can be created. We have developed Feature Rich applications that are embedded into the SwyxIt! Softphone skin. This was to provide the Users with direct access to the information they need at exactly the right time to give their Customers the best possible service.

For installations where myContactCenter are included, GTS is able to utilise the Agent Script capability to pass captured data to locally installed CRM client applications so the levels of integration possibilities are unsurpassed.

If you are a Swyx Reseller, Contact US to discuss how you can make use of our experience and skills to provide your customer base with enhanced solutions, that increase their productivity and create an enhanced caller experience for them.